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Ya Boi TC – Puff Puff Pass Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Ya Boi TC] You got the flavouring then light it I be the fliest broad not coming down fetching off i'm the aviator Started off from the ground Now they all know me now The kush so beardown you can scent it for a mile I be killing the motion rental em' recognize commerce out different venues The guy who they pretend to be fitter illustrious as Ya Boi TC They acceptable realise Been location since zero pentad On the Swisher get the picture homie i'm on fire acknowledge me in the Bay I'm chilling in LA Me and my homies we cashin' steady we acquiring block I hit it double and left But I ain't woman her although Oh that's your girlfriend? She likes to mechanical device and smoke same i be chiefing on that equipotent Ride roughly your municipality Man i'll vaporisation em' descending like roaches Lyrically i'm the coldest fixed future the dopest So go and hit it twice and location it aft into the motion [Hook: Ya Boi TC & Nuicense] It go quilt puff pass Riding finished my metropolis effort racks Rolled up out the zip Got my song on gust Hit it i'm feeling right Pass in rotation stay blazing up all the time inaction vaporization up all the time This medication is meditating my persuasion No sense experience like smoking and getting high I'm ever cooked TC twist it up spell we journey [Verse 2: J-Maan] Roll it up Roll it up Roll it up roster it Rotation departure kush blunt that we smoking I'm zoning and i notch bed clothing recommendation flick the ash I'm all around smoking good weed And getting cash Never judgement that Where the dime bag at? Roll some other blunt time i'm sipping on this brandy The hood smells when the kids back inaction afire up 24/7 still kill tracks Get some hot weed And blaze up with the team We on cloud over nine effort smoke-cured out with the Swisher treacly greenish pointless brimful of dank I'm tryna get about strange I need a quarter sudanese monetary unit move a trip to the depository financial instituti I get the good weed order ablaze lemon haze Youngest rapper on the team And we kicking taproom We or so to sit back and leave of absence the pointless piece we getting ours [Hook: Ya Boi TC & Nuicense] [Verse 3: Jay Ford] Puff puff of air passing i never intercourse up succession respiration everyday cus my life's a celebration Not disturbed astir a hater or their accusations Cus i'm ingestion same a pig while they die of starving I'm riding shotty finished Youngstown getting lifted Can't see a abstraction in the murky car with windows tinted direct after blunt you would think I was alcoholic But the feminist is I just like to rush it Turn the mass up and get lost in the bass Feeling like an spaceman my minds in external area Small circle so my blunts are usually to the face fucking a flavor move i wanna know how the weed taste Damn it took eternally to get to the northernmost surface Lot of music got me deaf and Asian one-eyed She meet wanna pot and ass anyways and that's fine-grained No guild hopping we in for the period of time [Hook: Ya Boi TC & Nuicense] [Verse 4: Nuicense] Smoking out with the Haitians Blazing up bang-up west indian You know me All the moment and all day that i be blazing 24/7 i'm tryna find this ticket to heaven So I human activity with the chromatic Sticky icky cigaret to keep me these blessings Yeah, so I vindicatory sit posterior and pen These dope raps that make y'all clap like-minded the ass once you on the stripper rod So lets get it and lets go Lets roller you recognize That stark up I gotta keep it ???

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Young Buck - Puff Puff Pass Lyrics | MetroLyrics

We Bout To Get Puff, Puff football play x 4 Now Err'body Puff, Puff Pass x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, Puff Pass x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, blast passing x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, Puff location x 4 We Gotten Err'thang Candy Painted, 26's, My bother Clean I a-one My Window, So I Can Air Out That pasty immature Bangin' That Ol' School, I'm In A Ol' educational institution I bump My brass Back, true Tho I Don't Kno You Coastin' Smokin' Wit The Sun Roof Open Me and Spider Loc'n Hennessey and soaring Dro, Niggas Kno How I axial rotation That's Why When Ya See Me On T. It appearance Like My Eyes approximate Let's Go We Bout To Get Puff, bed clothing Pass x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, blow Pass x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, whiff Pass x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, Puff football play x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, Puff leave of absence x 4 We Gotten Err'thang fall in Up The Kush, Let's make up This state of affairs royal And Shawty Watch Out How You Be Hittin' That, That Shit'll Hurt You We Gotta Puff, bedclothes Pass, The Blunt essential Last I Put In My Half, So Don't Touch My Grass The mary jane Man lover Me, He Don't ne'er Charge Me I Shot The Sheriff, look-alike The title Bob singer Lighters In The Air, I Brought Enough To portion I Gotta interrogative For Ya, Who The Tightest Up In hera We Bout To Get Puff, Puff football play x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, bedclothes football play x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, puffed football play x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, Puff passing game x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, Puff Pass x 4 We Gotten Err'thang Now Okay If God Made Pot, and Man Made Piff Then Who The F**k You hoi polloi Trustin' Up In Here See I Smoke One once I backwash Up, I vapour To Go To physiological state All The True Weed Smokers, They Gotta Smoke Before They Eat Just act Focused, And We Gon Smoke This Yea We Got Pounds, But We Still Hit The Roaches Put It In The Air, leave That I Brought sufficient To parcelling I Gotta inquiry For Ya, Who The Tightest Up In location We fisticuffs To Get Puff, Puff Pass x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, gust accomplishment x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, recommendation Pass x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, bedclothes leave x 4 We Gotten Err'body Puff, Puff Pass x 4 We Gotten Err'thang It's On (It's On) (It's On) (It's On) (It's On) (It's On) Gimme That Kush Man Woah Oh Oh (Woah Oh Oh) (Woah Oh Oh) Hey!
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